E-mail us about an ongoing matter

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Have you previously been in contact with us about a matter and would like to e-mail us with questions or further information about the matter?

Log in to "Min meldingsboks" ('my mailbox') on Altinn

What to do after logging in

  • You should now have accessed "Min meldingsboks", your personal mailbox on Altinn
  • Select the reply from us that concerns your current matter.
  • Click "Kontaktskjema" to bring up a contact form pre-completed with our case number. Enter your question(s) or add your information.

No correspondence found on your matter in "Min meldingsboks" on Altinn?

You need our case number to be able to ask questions or add information about an ongoing matter.

You will find the case number for your matter in any letters we have sent you about the matter.

Our case numbers look like this

SOL + 12 digits. Example: SOL000001189452
YYYY/5 digits. Example: 2012/12345
case number for value added tax: numbered in ascending order. Example: 16644694

Once you have your case number ready, you can e-mail us here. Select a topic, log in and quote our case number and type in the question or information you wish to send us.

Don’t know your case number? E-mail us here.

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