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Order and receive at once in my messagebox in Altinn:

Order and receive after proceedings

Read more about certificates or printouts:

Certificates and printouts from National Registry

Tax certificate:

From 2015 the tax assessment notice does not include a tax certificate or possible to order as a separate document. A copy of your tax assessment may be used when documentation of income and assets is required.

If you have an electronic ID, you do not need to order a copy of the tax assesment because it is included as an attachment to the tax assessment notice in your Altinn message inbox. Log in Min meldingsboks in Altinn. and look for  "Skatteoppgjøret" or "Tax assessment notice".

If you do not have an electronic ID, you can either call us on 800 80 000 or log in to Altinn and order a print of the tax assessment.

VAT certificates:

Contact Tax collector if you need printout of employer`s contribution

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