Certificate for tax and value added tax

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You will need a certificate for tax and value added tax when you have to obtain documentation of whether or not your business or you personally owe tax/value added tax.

The certificate states the amount that is outstanding, including interest.

Who needs and uses certificates for tax and value added tax?

If you are bidding for a contract, for example, the client will often require a certificate for tax and value added tax. You may also need this certificate in connection with alcohol licences and certain other licensing cases. 

The certificate for tax and value added tax also states whether a business/person is registered in the value added tax register.

Where and when can I obtain the certificate?

The certificate will be produced automatically and sent to your message box in Altinn. This will normally take place immediately provided you submit your order during normal working hours.

If you place an order outside normal working hours, you will normally receive the certificate by the start of the next working day.

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