Online booking – pilot period in tax offices Hamar and Sandvika

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The tax offices at Hamar and Sandvika are testing an online booking service for users who want to make a personal  appointment at their local tax office. We offer both hourly bookings and "drop-in" during this period.

ID validation and requiring a D-number in connection with immigration and first time applicants for tax deduction cards, are the only thing that requires personal attendance at a tax office.

Requests that require ID validation are the only cases that require personal attendance at a tax office.

Should you still wish to speak with us personally regarding tax, fee and national registration, an appointment can be arranged via our online booking service.

We offer both drop-in and hourly bookings at the tax offices.

Booked hours will be prioritized, and will make for a shorter waiting time on days when there is a queue.

You can book an appointment for the next day until 24:00. After 24:00 you can book an appointment for the upcoming days. Appointments may be booked up to 14 days in advance.

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