The black market and its potential consequences

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Illegal undeclared labour concerns services for which tax or national insurance haven't been paid.

The term 'black market' has a wider meaning, and includes activities performed with a view to making illegal financial gains. The black market is consequently an umbrella term for all types of income, capital and turnover which are not declared for tax and/or national insurance.

One objective of the Tax Administration's control activities is to expose the operation of the black market. This may be done by checking tax returns, tax audits, or by unannounced checks at building sites, restaurants, taxi ranks and other places where economic activity takes place. When tax evasion as described above is discovered, this will generally lead to the imposition of supplementary tax or charges.

The tax evaded along with supplementary tax and interest may ultimately amount to a large bill. In the case of a serious suspicion of large-scale tax evasion, the Tax Administration may receive assistance from the police and prosecuting authorities to perform a search and seizure. This means that the black market may have serious legal consequences, including possible imprisonment.

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