Questions and answers about Elsær 2.0

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How do I register

You must submit your application no later than one month before the production or import commences. For more information read Register as liable for excise duty.

Which excise tax report form should I use?

It depends. If you have received information from us that you must use Elsær 2.0, or you report to Skatt Øst, you use RF-1347. If you have not yet received such information, or if you do not report to Skatt Øst, you continue using RF-1326 until further notice.

Do I log on in a different way?


You still have to log on via Altinn and ID-porten.

The same Altinn role is required for Elsær 2.0.

Who do I contact if I cannot log on to Elsær 2.0?


Please contact us on 800 80 000.  If you are calling from abroad, please ring +47 22 07 70 00. For English menu, press 9.

Please click here for more information about logging in.

Which browsers support Elsær 2.0?


The following browsers are recommended:

Internet Explorer (version 11 and newer), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

If you are using an unsupported browser, or an older version of the above-mentioned browsers, you will be notified when you log in.

What do I do if I have made a payment to the wrong account number?

 Please contact us on 800 80 000.  If you are calling from abroad, please ring +47 22 07 70 00. For English menu, press 9.

In the earlier version of Elsær I could see the excise tax report until the deadline. Will it be the same in Elsær 2.0?


In the earlier version, the reports were not transferred to us before the deadline had passed, and you could make changes in the report until the deadline.

In Elsær 2.0 the excise tax reports are submitted immediately after you click "send in". However, you can still amend infomation in the report before the deadline but the payment information you receive will be fragmented.

Will I still see a summary of all the information before I submit the excise report?

Yes, you will. 

Will the new report have a different RF-number?

Yes, Elsær 2.0 has a new RF-number: RF-1347. The old RF-number will still be available to amend reports previously submitted in RF-1326.

Where do I amend previously submitted reports?

Excise tax reports submitted in RF-1326 must be amended in RF-1326.
Excise tax reports submitted in FR-1347 must be amended in RF-1347.

Where can I see my previously submitted excise tax reports?

You can see previously submitted excise tax reports under "Leverte meldinger" on the home page in Elsær 2.0.

Have the excise tax types changed?

No, Elsær 2.0 has the same excise tax types.

Do I need to fill in all the information again the first time I submit a report?

All the excise tax types registered to your company are registered, but you need to fill inn all the excise tax groups. When you have done this once, you can copy this information to the following reports.

Can I use the same file as before?

Submitting the excise tax report from file will be the same, and you do not need to amend the file. However, comments are no longer registered nor reported to us.

Which file format do I use?

The file should preferably be a .CSV file. Please also see our Guide to Elsær 2.0 for more information on file formats (only available in Norwegian).

How do I register new excise tax types?

Please contact us in order to register new excise tax types.

How do I register new excise tax groups?

When your company has been registered for a new excise tax type, all the excise tax groups are available in the dropdown menu under each excise tax type. For example: For excise tax type SJ, you can select the correct SJ tax groups SJ 100/200/300/400/500.

Is this also applicable for alcohol?

No, alcohol excise tax adheres to different regulations. When you apply to the Norwegian Tax Administration to import alcohol, you must provide information in which segment the beverages belong, including its alcohol content. the Norwegian Tax Administration will make the excise tax groups available within the chosen segment.   

I have made a mistake. Can I upload the whole file again?

You can amend the file in question and upload a new one and submit it again. It is important that you submit the whole file again, including unchanged information, as the new file will override the previous submission. 

Can you export a .CSV file from a manually registered report?

No, you cannot export a submitted excise tax report to a .CSV file.

Can the PDF summary file be e-mailed to me?

The PDF summary is no longer sent via e-mail. You can see all your report summaries (PDF-files) on the home page.

How do I get the correct Altinn-role?

Please contact Altinn for help.

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