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What should I prepare in 2016?

Your accounting system must be adapted so that it is compatible with the new VAT return. If you do not have an updated version of the system, the output from your system will not correspond with the new form. Your system supplier or your accountant can inform you on how to update. This applies even if you do not import goods. 

VAT codes and accounting accounts must be adapted. You may need new VAT codes and accounts in order to itemise the accounts correctly for the VAT return.

If you import goods you must familiarise yourself with the rules concerning import VAT. The business is responsible for calculating, reporting and paying import VAT. You need to know how to calculate the basis for import VAT, for instance how to find the customs value.

Check your agreements with accountants and any declarants/shipping agents. You should go through applicable agreements and routines with these parties, and see what, if anything, must be changed or requires new competence. For example, look at who needs access to the declaration overview in Altinn and the customs declarations.


Which laws and regulations apply? (in Norwegian)

The VAT Act, which will have changes in § 11-1 from 1.1.2017

The Tax Administration Act (from 1.1.2017) 

Regulation to the Tax Administration Act 

The Accounting Regulation - proposal of amendments 

The Customs Act

Where can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, contact your accountant, shipping agent or accounting system supplier.

You will also find more information at and

Useful links:

VAT Act, Chapter 3. Turnover, withdrawals and imports liable to VAT, at (in Norwegian)

Information and examples on Norwegian Customs' website (in Norwegian)

Skatteinfo (newsletter for accountants) (in Norwegian)

Information on the Tax Administration Act on (in Norwegian)

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