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  • 1 Anything other than the Norwegian Tax Administration's property value and housing information

This could for example apply to:

  • use of differentiated tax rates
  • allocation of base deduction
  • exemption for newly constructed properties

How to appeal

If you wish to appeal against assessed property tax which is not linked to the Norwegian Tax Administration's values, you should appeal to your municipal authority.

You should also contact your municipal authority if you have any questions concerning the reduction or waiving of property tax.


The deadline for appealing against a property tax decision to the municipal authority is six weeks from the date on which publication of the property tax list is announced or the date on which the property tax notification was sent, whichever is later.

You must pay even if you appeal.

You must pay the property tax by the due date even if you appeal. If your appeal is upheld, the amount will be refunded retrospectively

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