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  • My municipal authority used property values from the Norwegian Tax Administration

You can appeal to the Norwegian Tax Administration, but in order to tell you what you should do in order to appeal, we must know what you think is wrong.

Worth knowing:

How the basis is determined


The basis is based on the Norwegian Tax Administration's estimated market value (property value) for your property, which is determined on the basis of a price per square metre calculated by Statistics Norway (SSB). The price per square metre is intended as an indication of the estimated market value per square metre and is based on statistical information concerning other residential properties that have been sold, housing type, primary rooms (area), location and age. Consideration is also given to whether the property is situated in a densely or sparsely populated area.

You can read more about how the basis is determined and calculate the value of your home.


The basis is obtained two years back in time.


In the case of property tax assessed in 2017, the Norwegian Tax Administration's basis is obtained from the tax assessment for the 2015 income year.

For the 2015 income year, the tax value normally amounts to 25 percent of the estimated market value for primary dwellings, and 70 percent of the estimated market value for secondary dwellings. Whether the property is a primary or secondary dwelling will not affect the amount of property tax that is payable.


 What do you believe is wrong?

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