Warning – e-mail hoax

Press release Published: 26/11/2014

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The Norwegian Tax Administration has been notified that fake e-mails concerning tax refunds are being distributed. This is attempted fraud and identity theft.

The subject field of the e-mail includes the following "Innkalling til selvangivelsen !  ID: 244790461. To receive the money, addressees must send sensitive information to the specified e-mail address "taxSkatteetaten@taxSkatteetaten.com".  

This is known as phishing and is an attempt to fool people into disclosing sensitive information which can be used for identity theft and fraud.

The Norwegian Tax Administration will never ask you to reveal sensitive information, credit card information or account numbers via e-mail.

Delete the e-mail.

If you have disclosed any sensitive information, such as a copy of your passport or card and code information, which was requested in a fraudulent e-mail, you should block it as soon as possible.Never disclose any of the information that is requested or reply to the e-mail. Do not click on any links or attachments.

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