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Press release Published: 30/03/2016

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From tomorrow, 31 March, tax returns will be available for 4.7 million wage earners, pensioners and self-employed people.

3.6 million people will receive their tax return only electronically. The digital tax return is simpler for users to submit and leads to more people receiving their tax settlements in June.

Don't pay too much tax – check the figures are accurate

The tax return has become so automated for most people now, that it has never been easier to settle your tax. At the same time, it is important to remember that you should always check carefully that the data which has been filled for you is correct.

– Pre-filled does not mean a finished product. Check that your data in the tax return is correct and complete, so you don't end up paying too much. There may be deductions you are entitled to which have not automatically been entered, says Director of the Norwegian Tax Administration Hans Christian Holte.

To make it as easy as possible to make changes to and submit your tax return, the Tax Administration has developed a range of help tools and calculators. On the website there is a deduction guide, commuter tool and a step by step guide through the tax return.

Data from abroad is pre-filled for the first time this year

The Tax Administration receives more than 50 million data from providers including employers, banks, kindergartens and after school childcare schemes, so that the tax return is pre-filled as much as possible. This year is the first time the tax return contains figures from abroad. Information about income from Denmark is included in the tax returns for 6600 tax payers.

Self-employed businesspeople must submit electronically

People who run their own business, or are self-employed, cannot use the option to be exempt from submitting their tax return if they have no changes to make . This year for the first time, all self-employed people must submit their tax returns electronically. – We have created a new, simpler online reporting option for those who run their own business and do the reporting themselves, says Holte.

Sole proprietorships and limited companies with straightforward accounting will save significant time if they qualify to use the new report «Business Tax Return (Næringsrapport skatt)», which replaces nine different forms for people who run their own business. The Business Tax Return and personal tax return are submitted together.

Important dates and deadlines

30 April: Deadline for submitting the tax return for wage earners and pensioners

31 May: Deadline for business owners to submit tax returns

22 June: Notification of when the tax settlement is ready

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