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Electronic communication is now the accepted way of communicating with both local and public authorities.

The benefits to you:

  • We will let you know via your e-mail or mobile phone when you receive any information from us electronically.
  • You will receive replies to enquiries faster, because they won't have to go through the postal service.
  • You prevent unauthorised people from accessing your personal data.
  • The letter will be saved in your personal archive in, together with other electronic mail.
  • You will have fast and simple access to all your documents for use in connection with your bank or NAV, for example.
  • You can reply directly to the case officer using a reply form.
  • You can receive your tax settlement earlier.

Set up a user profile in the ID portal

After you have obtained an ID, you can set up a user profile in the ID portal. Log in using the ID you have obtained.

Contact information

It is just as important that the correct e-mail address and mobile number are registered in your user profile in the ID portal, as your correct address is registered by the National Registry.

You can update your contact information here.

Your contact information will be entered in a joint database, which public authorities will gradually start using. The Tax Administration began using the database in June 2014.

Opting out

If you do not want to receive digital mail, you can simply let public authorities know that you would prefer to receive official documents and letters on paper. You do this by opting out of the digital communication scheme.

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