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Form Applies to the tax year 2018

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Your employer will obtain your tax deduction card electronically from the Tax Administration after you have ordered it. This means you will not receive it in the post. If you earn NOK 55,000 or less during the year, you do not need to pay tax. Order an exemption card instead.

You can either use the forms above or log in here to order or amend your tax deduction card (in Norwegian only).

Information about your tax deduction card

After you have ordered your tax deduction card, you will receive information about your tax deduction card (tax notice), usually within five working days. If you are a registered electronic user, you will receive the information in your message box in Altinn. If you are not an electronic user, we will send the information to your address as registered with the National Registry.

Before you start ordering a tax deduction card, you should have the following documentation to hand:

  • Pay: You get your payslip from your employer either on paper or electronically. If this is the first time you are ordering a tax deduction card, you need to state how much you expect to earn over the year.
  • Pension: If you are a pensioner, you should check the documentation from the Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) or whoever pays your pension.
  • Debts/assets: Documents from the bank showing your debts, interest on debts and any assets.
  • You can check what information about income and employment that your employer has reported so far this year.

Foreign employee?

If you are a foreign employee, you need to visit a tax office for an ID check before you can apply for a tax deduction card.

Do you need assistance?

We can help you with questions regarding tax deduction card or exemption card, but we are only guiding in Norwegian on our chat.

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