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Tell a friend

If you want to change your address without actually moving, you can log in and submit a contact form. If you can't submit electronically, you can submit the form below.

However, if you move from the address you are registered at in the National Registry, you must report the move instead.

Where do I send the change of postal address report?

You can send it to any tax office.

You must include a copy of valid identification. Valid identification is an ID-card which contains date of birth, name, signature and photo. You should not send a copy of your debit or credit card as it contains sensitive information.

You will receive a letter from us when we have registered your new postal address. The letter will be sent to the new postal address.

Remember to notify about the new address to Norway Post, and the mailbox with your name and new address.

Do you need assistance?

We can help you with questions regarding the National Registry, but we are only guiding in Norwegian on our chat.

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Please find other ways to contact us.

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