Reporting a move within Norway


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Everyone who moves house in Norway is obliged to report their change of address to a tax office within eight days of moving.

How to change to english version of Altinn.

If the family moves together, you can report the move for your spouse, cohabitant, partner and children in the same report. This is on condition that you have both been registered as living at the same old address and will both be registered as living at the same new address you are moving to.

If you are moving out of a joint home with children under 18 year, and/or spouse, you must do the following:

  • Submit a moving notification in Altinn
  • Open a new Contact Form in Altinn where you enter details of the AR-number, which you will receive after submitting your moving notification. 
  • Enter details of how often you estimate you will visit the children and/or spouse in the former joint home, with or without staying overnight. 
  • You must scan a copy of the deeds document, or purchase or rental contract which provides evidence of permanent residence at the new address. This should be uploaded as an attachment to the Contact Form in Atinn.

• Submit the Contact Form with attachment.

If one or more children move with you, you must obtain the signature of the other parent, from whom the child or children are moving. See information about moving notifications for children under the age of 18 years. The easiest way to do this is if the other parent submits an electronic moving notification only for the children, in addition to you including them on your own moving notification. This will be accepted as if it were a signature from the other parent.

Processing time

The processing time is normally five working days. Are you registered as an e-user, you will receive the receipt in Altinn. If you are not an e-user, you will receive a receipt to your new address as soon as the address has been registered with the National Registry.  Please remember to put your name on your letter box and you must send a separate notification to Posten Norge.

Checking "Your contact information" in Altinn shows the address where you are currently registered. If you have registered a postal address which is different to the address you live at, this will be shown instead.

Do you have a sole proprietorship?

If you have a sole proprietorship and the business address and the private address is the same you must notify both Folkeregisteret and Brønnøysundregistrene. You will find more information about changing your business address here. 

Paper version – change of address

You can also send us a paper version of the notification form (only available in Norwegian language), but we encourage you to use our electronic form. If you wish to send in a print version, you must remember to enclose a valid copy of your ID. A valid ID card includes the bearer's date of birth, name, signature and photo. However, you should not send us a copy of your bank ID card, because it includes sensitive information.

Please send the notification to your local tax office.

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