Application for driving permit during temporary stay in Norway


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If you are temporarily staying in Norway, you can use a foreign-registered vehicle for up to two years.

You must apply for a temporary driving permit for the second year. You must document that the stay will last no more than two years from your date of arrival. The application form must be submitted within one year from the date on which you arrived in Norway.

It may be appropriate to enclose the following documentation with the application: 

  • employment contract
  • documentation of allocated study place
  • spouse's/family member's documentation of the duration of the stay
  • documents showing that you will return to work abroad
  • documentation that you are letting your own home abroad

The validity period of the documents must be limited to one or two years after your date of arrival. If you have an employment contract, this must be temporary. If you have agreed a trial period, the trial period will not be considered as documentation of a temporary stay. During the trial period, you can therefore not use a foreign-registered vehicle.

From 1 January 2016, you must submit applications for temporary driving permits during temporary stays in Norway electronically via Altinn.
The application form replaces Norwegian Customs & Excise form RD-0036 Application for temporary driving permit for motor vehicle.


This regulation specifies the provisions regarding relief from nonrecurring tax, duty and value added tax in the case of the import and temporary use of foreign-registered motor vehicles.

Download: Regulation relating to duty-free and tax-free import and temporary use of foreign-registered motor vehicles in Norway

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