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If you are a shipping agent, you can apply for daily settlement. All customs clearances during the course of a day can then be paid collectively. Daily settlement is only granted to shipping agents.

Who can apply for daily settlement?

Daily settlement can only be granted to shipping agents. The following requirements also apply:

  • Must be registered in the Register of Business Enterprises and in the Value Added Tax Register.
  • Must have access to TVINN and have completed a trial period
  • Must be creditworthy. If your creditworthiness deteriorates, you can still apply for daily settlement if you are able to provide a bank guarantee.

Processing of daily settlement applications

You will be granted credit up to a limit based on the credit requirement specified by the enterprise in its application. When processing applications, we also place particular emphasis on the Tax Administration's general trust in the enterprise. This means willingness and ability to pay, compliance with relevant regulations and duty collection options.

We monitor creditworthiness continually. If the creditworthiness deteriorates, we may require the amount of collateral pledged to be increased or you may lose the permit.

Replaces RD-0046

From 1 January 2016, you must submit applications for daily settlement electronically via Altinn.

The application form replaces Norwegian Customs & Excise form RD-0046 Application for daily settlement.

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