Tax return for VAT for primary industry


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All entities that are registered in the VAT Register will find form RF-0004 in their Message Box in Altinn about 40 days before the submission deadline. You will also find the tax return for VAT under “Forms and services”.

It is not possible to submit tax returns for VAT for entities which are not registered in the VAT Register.

You can use the “My VAT account” service to see how much VAT you owe.

The tax return for VAT for primary industry must be submitted by businesses within agriculture, forestry and fisheries which have a turnover of vatable goods and services above a certain threshold amount.


Annual submission – 10 April.


To report for 2016, you should use the Turnover statement for primary industry

Submitting via finance systems

You can also submit the tax return for VAT to Altinn via a finance system which has this facility. Enterprises must update their system before they start bookkeeping for 2017.

You must submit the return before the deadline

If you do not submit information in time, you will have to pay an amount per day until you submit.

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