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Are you receiving a salary from a Norwegian employer? Apply for a tax deduction card

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Everyone working in Norway must have a tax deduction card stating the amount of tax that their employer must deduct from their salary before it is paid to them.

In order to obtain a tax deduction card, you must report to one of these tax offices and do the following:

1. Produce valid identification

2. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA area, you must provide documentation stating that you have the right to work in Norway.

3. Submit an application for a tax deduction card using form RF-1209 

4. Document your income by presenting an employment contract or a written offer of employment. You must also show confirmation of an assignment in the case of assignments for manpower agencies, etc.

You should be aware of the separate rules if you

Amend your tax deduction card

You may also apply to amend your tax deduction card.

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