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Dwelling number (bolignummer)

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If you are moving to a building containing more than one dwelling (flat etc.), you must state the dwelling number as part of your address in your notification.

Where do I find the dwelling number?

A label with the dwelling number should be located either next to or in the doorframe of the entrance to your flat. The dwelling number consists of a letter and four digits.


If you do not know your dwelling number, or need a new label you must contact your local council.

Why must I state my dwelling number?

By informing the National Registry of your dwelling number, you will make it easier for the ambulance, police and fire services to find your flat quickly.

Your home will not have a dwelling number if…

  • live in a multi-dwelling property in which each dwelling unit already has a unique address (e.g. its own house number or a shared house number but with a separate letter).
  • live in a detached home with a unique address (one dwelling unit only).