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Looking to start a business in Norway?

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If you would like to run a business in Norway, you must register an enterprise with the Brønnøy Register Centre. The three most common forms of business in Norway are: Norwegian registered foreign company (NUF), sole proprietorship and private limited liability company (AS).

You must have a Norwegian identity number (national ID number or D number) to register an enterprise in Norway. If you do not have one of these numbers, you must also submit Form to request D number (BR-1015)

Norwegian registered foreign company (NUF)

If you run a business in your home country, you can start a branch of this business in Norway. This applies regardless of whether you are running a company or are self-employed. This form of branch is known as a Norwegian registered foreign company. Read more about what an NUF is

Sole proprietorship
You can set up a sole proprietorship in Norway. A sole proprietorship is an organisational form where a single person is responsible for the business. You run the business on your own account and at your own risk. This means that you are liable in full for any liabilities and obligations. Read more about sole proprietorships

Private limited liability company (AS)
A private limited liability company is an enterprise where the owners invest share capital amounting to at least NOK 30,000. You and the other shareholders in the limited company will have no personal liability for the company's obligations. The company is considered to be an independent (legal) entity. Read more about setting up a company in Norway on Altinn