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Paying tax and value added tax for the company

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Companies selling taxable goods or services in Norway must pay advance tax twice a year.

The tax office will calculate how much tax is to be paid based on last year's surplus.

Tax must be paid on:

  • surpluses
  • remuneration paid to the owners
  • assets distributed by the business.

Tax must be paid on surpluses at the rate of 27 %. Any remuneration will reduce the surplus that is calculated.

'Remuneration' means reimbursement which personal participants receive in return for work that they perform for the company. Such payments are considered business income and must be taxed as personal income.
The distribution of surpluses from the company in excess of a deductible tax-free return and tax on the surplus component are also taxed at the rate of 27 %. Distributions are defined as any transfer of assets from the company to participants that is free of charge.

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Payment of tax for foreign companies

Foreign companies have the Central Tax Office - Foreign Tax Affairs (SFU) as their tax office (office municipality 2312). The company must pay tax in two equal instalments, on 15 February and 15 April in the year after the income year. The tax will be assessed by SFU and the resulting tax assessment will then be sent in the post.

Payments must be made to:

  • International Tax Collection Authority, Postboks 8103, NO-4068 Stavanger, Norway. E-mail:
  • Account No.: 6345 06 23123 IBAN no.: NO33 6345 06 23123 Swift address: NDEANOKK
  • Bank: Nordea Bank Norge ASA, Cash Management, Postboks 1166 Sentrum, NO-0107 Oslo, Norway

It is important that the payment is clearly marked.

Applications to amend the advance tax payable by foreign companies can be submitted via either:

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Paying value added tax

If your business is registered in the value added tax register, you must submit turnover statements via If you owe value added tax, you will receive an invoice with a payment deadline. 

Foreign companies are generally required to register with a representative in the value added tax register. This representative is responsible for submitting the turnover statements.    

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Relevant legislation (only in Norwegian):

Tax Payment Act

Work in Norway