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Complaint requirements for refund

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The claimant may apply for refund of withheld tax on dividend payments. The complaint should be sent to the Central Office – Foreign Tax Affairs. The minimum documentation requirements are as follows:

1. a certificate of residence, in original, issued in the name of the person/entity that is the beneficial owner of (and is attributed) the income for the income year when the dividend decision was made

2. bank receipts confirming the dividend payments and the withholding tax, containing the following data:

a. the gross sum and withholding tax amount per share and in total, in NOK
b. ex-date, decision-date and pay-date
c. number of shares, ISIN, depositary account number, name of account holder
3. a signed complaint or power of attorney covering all the dividend payments included in the refund application

The claim

Corporate shareholders are entitled to exemption from withholding tax pursuant to the participation exemption method if they are tax residents in an EEA state and their organization form is comparable to those mentioned in the Norwegian Tax Act, and are engaged in genuine business activity through an establishment in an EEA country. Furthermore, the shareholder is the one that must be entitled to (attributed) the dividend. Such cases may require further documentation and a legal statement regarding the company/organization form and the ownership.

Claims by private shareholders for a tax treaty rate will not require any further legal statement. If the person wishes to claim shielding deduction, they must provide information regarding the purchase of the share. 

Shareholders resident outside the EEA, but in a state with which Norway has a tax treaty, may be entitled to a lower tax rate. The tax treaties are bilateral and do on some points have differing terms. The majority of the tax treaties require that the shareholder is resident for tax purposes in the treaty state, and is the beneficial owner of the dividend payment.


All applications for refund of withholding tax on dividend payments made to foreign shareholders should be sent to:

Central Office – Foreign Tax Affairs
P.O. Box 8031
N-4068 Stavanger

Questions and other enquiries may be submitted by e-mail:, and by telephone: +47 51 96 96 00.