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Reporting a postal address in Norway or abroad

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It is important to notify the Norwegian Tax Administration of the address at which you receive post. You must also notify Norway Post if you have a new postal address in Norway.

In order to change a postal address, you must complete the postal address form and send it to your tax office together with a copy of valid identification. The only exception to this is if you have the Central Office - Foreign Tax Affairs (COFTA) as your tax office you must then submit a separate form.Which tax office you belong to is stated on your tax deduction card.

Are you registered as resident in Norway?

If so, you must do the following:

  • If you intend to move within Norway, you must submit an electronic change of address notification.
  • You must complete the form below if you are only changing your postal address and not your residential address.
  • If you intend to leave Norway for a period of more than six months, you must notify us that you are leaving Norway prior to departure.

Download, complete and post to us

New/amended or deleted postal address – RF1454E (PDF)

Remember to enclose a copy of valid identification. Valid identification is an ID card showing your date of birth, name, signature and a photograph. You cannot however send us a copy of your bank card, because it contains sensitive information.
Remember to also report any change of address to Norway Post.