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Reporting a move and change of postal address

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If you live in Norway, it is important that you notify the Norwegian Tax Administration of the address you wish your post to be sent to. You must tell us you have moved if you intend to live in Norway for at least six consecutive months.

Do you intend to live in Norway for at least six consecutive months?

  • You must report to an ID office in person and inform them of your relocation to Norway. You must state your residential address and, where appropriate, an alternative postal address if you do not receive mail at the address where you are living.
  • After you have registered as being resident in Norway, you must submit a change of address notification for all subsequent changes of address until you notify us that you have left Norway.

Do you wish to change your postal address?

  •  When you registered at a tax office, you were asked to give an address. If you receive post at a different address, you must report a change in your postal address. 
  • You must also report a change of postal address if you have left Norway and you have a new address abroad after a period of work in Norway.

If you intend to move to Norway or change your residential address, you must notify the Norwegian Tax Administration of this within eight days after you have received your new address.

Do you wish to:

Why is it so important that we have your correct address?

Your address information is used by all public agencies and many private companies that need to communicate with you. If, for example, you have paid too much tax and have left Norway, we need to know where we can contact you. 

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