Reporting a move from Norway

You must notify the tax office in Norway if you intend to leave Norway to go to a country outside the Nordic countries. If you are moving to another Nordic country, the move only needs to be reported in the country you are moving to.

Moving from Norway to a non-Nordic country

You must tell us that you are moving in cases where you intend to stay abroad for at least six months. The Norwegian Tax Administration will decide whether you must be registered in the National Registry as having emigrated.
Complete the form below and send it to the tax office no more than 14 days before your departure. You must remember to enclose a valid copy of your ID. A valid ID card includes the bearer's date of birth, name, signature and photo. You will receive a letter when your change of address notification has been processed. The letter will be sent to your new address abroad.

Moving from Norway to another Nordic country

The move only needs to be reported in the country you are moving to: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland or Finland. You will be automatically registered as having emigrated from Norway if the notification is accepted in the country of relocation.

Download, complete and post to us
Reporting a move from Norway RF-1402B (PDF)

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