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How to change your tax deduction card

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If you believe that the tax deduction card you have received gives the wrong tax deduction, you can change it. You can also apply to change your tax class if your spouse has a low income.

You can apply to change your tax deduction card by filling in the form named "RF-1209 Application for tax deduction card for foreign employees" and enter information on how much you expect to earn this year. Note that the tax deduction card you have been given is a standard card with table-based deductions (table 7150). Table-based deductions means that the tax deduction will be based on how much you earn.  The tax deduction card also specifies a percentage rate, which will only be used when you earn extraordinary income or have several employers.

Exemption from National Insurance contributions

If you are an EU/EEA citizen and wish to be granted exemption from National Insurance contributions, you must apply for this exemption to NAV.