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Scheme for all employers (A-ordningen)

A-ordningen takes effect on the 1st January 2015, and is a new public scheme that changes the way in which employers and others with a reporting obligation declare employment- and income information to NAV, the Norwegian Tax Administration and Statistics Norway (SSB). This also includes Norwegian registered foreign business enterprises. The a-melding must be submitted electronically at least once every month.

The a-melding replaces Employer's payment record for National Insurance contributions and payroll withholding tax (RF-1037), Certificate of Pay and Tax Deducted (CPTD), and the annual settlement for employer's national insurance contributions and advance tax deductions.

The a-melding must be submitted electronically every month

Visit this webpage for information on how to get your business ready.

letter containing information from A-ordningen of 7 Oct. 2014

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