Tax deduction card for 2014

The Tax Administration has sent out information about tax deduction cards for 2014 to pensioners living abroad who have an exemption card or lower deductions than 15 per cent in 2013.

The exemption card/tax deduction card for 2013 does not apply to income year 2014. To avoid having tax deducted from your pension in 2014, you therefore need to apply for a new exemption card/tax deduction card as soon as possible.

If all or part of your pension is tax-free under the tax agreement with your country of residence, you must submit a personal declaration.

If you live in an EU/EEA country and are claiming tax calculation under ordinary Norwegian rules, you must submit both a personal declaration and income details.

Forms for the personal declaration and income details are attached to the letters that have been sent out.

If you do not apply for a new exemption card/tax deduction card, 15 per cent tax will be deducted from your pension payments in 2014.

New for 2014

For income year 2014 you will be sent information about your tax deduction card (tax notice) instead of a tax deduction card. You will be informed of your tax rate/exemption card. You do not need to submit anything to your pension company. They obtain your tax deduction card/exemption card electronically from the Tax Administration.

All applications for an exemption card/tax deduction card with a lower tax rate than 15 per cent, must be sent to:

Skatt nord
Postboks 6310
NO – 9293 Tromsø

When you contact the Tax Administration, remember to quote "our reference" which appears at the top of the letter you have received.

 The letter ”Skattekort for 2014” – (Tax deduction cards for 2014)” – to persons applying for tax exemption under a tax agreement

 The letter "Skattekort for 2014" (Tax deduction cards for 2014)"" – to persons resident in the EU/EEA who are claiming tax assessment under ordinary Norwegian rules

 The form”Egenerklæring – skattemessig bosatt 2014 / Self-declaration – tax residency 2014” (RF-1289B/E)

 The form ”Skattekort 2014 kildeskatt på pensjon – inntektsopplysninger” (RF-1290B)

 The form ”Tax deduction card 2014 withholding tax on pensions – information about income” (RF-1290E)

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