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The tax settlement for 2016 was complete for all tax payers on 25 October.

We will let you know by e-mail/text message when your tax assessment notice is ready. This way, you don't need to worry about it. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date. To do this, go to

When will I receive my money?

If you are using online services, we will let you know by e-mail/text message when your tax assessment notice is ready. If you are due a refund, we will pay within three weeks after the date stated on your tax assessment notice.  

Tax returns are processed on an ongoing basis by the tax offices. The tax collector in your municipality will be responsible for arranging for the payment to be made or for collecting your underpaid tax as soon as they are ready.

Wrong account registered?

The tax return you received in March/April and the tax assessment notice you will receive about now will state the account to which the money may be transferred. Before 15 May you can change it electronically if needed. How to alter your account number for credit payments.

If no account is specified, a payment card will be sent to you in the post at your address according to the National Registry. If the registered account is wrong or no longer in use, you must call the tax collector in your municipalitynot the Tax Administration, as soon as possible.

Why have I not received my tax assessment notice?

We are unfortunately unable to give you a specific date on which you will receive your notice, either via the tax office or by telephone to us. Your notice may be delayed if you made changes to your tax return after the deadline. At a very general level, the more complicated your tax return is and the more attachments you have, the longer it will take to process it. Married couples will also not receive their tax assessment notice until both their tax returns have been processed. Possible reasons why you have not yet received your settlement notice.

I owe underpaid tax

How to go about underpaid tax, interest and payment.

I want to appeal against my tax assessment notice

From the income year 2016 in most cases, you can now amend your tax return yourself if the submission deadline has passed. See how to change or appeal.

There a difference between the credit amount and the amount I have received in my account

Is there a difference between the credit amount stated on the tax assessment notice and the amount you have been paid? If so, the tax collector may have offset the amounts involved.

Homeowners who have chosen to receive grants from ENOVA as part of the tax assessment notis

Have you received grants for energy saving measures in 2017 it will be settled against the tax assessment notis for 2017. Questions about the scheme addressed to ENOVA.


The tax assessment notice will be sent out on paper if the deceased is registered at a c/o address. It will not be available on Altinn. As the surviving spouse/partner of a deceased person, you can ask for the tax assessment notice of the deceased to be sent to you. The same rules as for requesting the tax return of a deceased person applies.  Read more here on how to go about it.


Tax settlements during the year

Wage earners and pensioners: Most people will receive their tax assessment notice late in June. The assessment can be viewed in altinn. If you do not receive your notice in June, notices will be sent out on an ongoing basis between 2 August and 25 October 2017.

Self-employed persons and their spouses: You will not receive your tax assessment notice any earlier than in the second batch on 2 August, even if you are using online services. After 2 August, notices will then be sent out on an ongoing basis until 25 October 2017.

For those who receive their tax assessment notice on paper: We will start issuing the first tax assessment notices on paper on 21 June 2017. Notices will then be sent out on an ongoing basis until 25 October 2017. Are you unsure if you are using online services, check if you can obtain an electronic ID.

Companies, SDF and people resident abroad who receive a pension from Norway will receive their tax assessment notice in the final batch on 25 October 2017.

If you submitted your tax return on paper, you will not receive your notice until August at the earliest.

Do you need assistance?

We can help you if you have questions regarding your tax assessment, but we are only guiding in Norwegian on our chat.

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