Changing the language in Altinn

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The first time you login to Altinn, you must change the language to English if you do not read Norwegian. This is done in "My profile". The next time you login after having changed the language in "My profile", the website will be in English.

This is a guide to changing the language in "My profile".

First page is in Norwegian

1. After having logged in, the text will be in Norwegian. Click "Til Min meldingsboks".




Language in the top right menu


2. Choose "English" in the top right menu. The website will then be in English, but you must change the language in "My profile" for the website to be in English the next times you log in.



"My profile" in the top menu


3. Click "My profile".



"My profile"


4. Change the language in the marked box from "Bokmål" to "English".

5. Then click "Save".

6. Go back to "My message box" and find the form you were going to submit.