Treat your expense vouchers as valuable documents

In order to be entitled to deduct expenses in your tax assessment and to deduct input VAT, you must present relevant documentation. Purchase documents are therefore very valuable. An invoice of NOK 12,500 could entitle you to deduct NOK 2,500 from your VAT payments and at least NOK 2,500 from your tax. In total, an invoice for this amount would be worth over NOK 5,000 and should be treated accordingly.

Complete expense vouchers
As a buyer, you are entitled to receive a correctly completed expense voucher. This documentation also forms the seller's sales documentation, and the buyer’s name must be stated. In the case of cash purchases from a retailer, the seller does not need to state the buyer if the purchase sum is less than NOK 1,000 including VAT, and the goods or services are not intended for resale or as direct input goods in production processes or service delivery. If the buyer’s name is not specified on the voucher, the buyer must state the purpose of the goods or service, and the documentation must be dated and signed. If an employee within the enterprise has paid out for a purchase, the threshold amount of NOK 1,000 does not apply. In such cases, the employee must document the purchase and explain the purpose. The documentation must be dated and signed.