Can additional copies of receipts be printed out from modules/programs other than the cash module?

It is not a requirement that the cash register system must be able to print copies of receipts. If the cash register system has a function to print copies of receipts, no more than one copy of a receipt may be printed per sale; see Section 2-6 fourth paragraph of the Cash Register System Regulation. The provision is intended to prevent copies of receipts being used as replacements for sales receipts in connection with registrations at the point of sale. The functionality must therefore prevent more than one copy of a receipt being produced from the cash module, regardless of whether the receipt is paper-based or electronic.

If the data is transferred to another system or storage medium, additional copies may be produced from there, e.g. from the bookkeeping system. In the case of integrated systems, it will be possible to gain access to other systems/modules from the point of sale. In such cases, a printout of an additional copy may also be produced from the point of sale, provided that the other system/module requires a separate log-in for each printout of a receipt copy and provided that only one printout can be produced per log-in.