How should cash deposits and cash withdrawals from the cash register be registered? And do these have to be reported as separate items in X and Z reports?

Incoming and outgoing payments do not have to be registered in the cash register system, but there is also no ban on such a function. If incoming and outgoing payments are registered at the point of sale, such payments must be specified in X and Z reports with a statement of the quantity, type and amounts concerned; see Section 2-8-2 second paragraph final point of the Cash Register System Regulation.

The consultation draft for new provisions in the Bookkeeping Regulation proposes the following new provision in Section 5a-8 second paragraph:

“Withdrawals of cash from the cash register drawer during the day must be documented separately. The documentation must state at least the following information: a) date and time, b) amount, and c) the name of the person who made the withdrawal. The documentation must be retained in the cash register drawer.

When cash withdrawals are not registered at the point of sale, this documentation will provide an explanation of the discrepancy between the Z report and the counted cash.