How should changes to prices and other fixed information be presented in the electronic log?

In accordance with Section 2-7 third paragraph of the Cash Register System Regulation, it must be possible to extract information concerning relevant prices from a cash register system if the system has functions for setting the prices of goods and services. In such cases, the electronic log must state when the prices have been changed. The same applies in respect of other changes to fixed information.

The requirement is that the electronic log must include information concerning when the prices and other fixed information have been changed. This applies whether the prices are changed at the point of sale, from the back-room/head office or from another system. There is no requirement for the change to specify either which products have had their prices changed or the new price. It is sufficient for the time of the change to be stated in the log.

Fixed customer discounts are considered to constitute fixed information for which changes must be indicated in the electronic log. Discounts that are given at the point of sale (the price is corrected on the cash register) must be registered and included in X and Z reports, with a statement of the quantity and amounts involved; see Section 2‑8‑2 first paragraph (q) of the Cash Register System Regulation. It is not a requirement to register discounts on products for which the price has been reduced.