Kan vi bruke parametersettinger for å slå av funksjoner i Norge for å unngå ulike installasjoner for ulike land/markeder?

Accordng to Section 2-6 of the Cash Register System Regulation, a cash register system cannot have certain functions. For example, the software in a cash register system must not have any functions other than those referred to in the system documentation.

The following is stated in the remarks concerning Section 2-6:

The provision lists certain functions that must not be present in a cash register system. The provision prohibits cash register systems that have these functions, with reference to the requirement for a cash register system to have a product declaration that guarantees the absence of these functions. The first paragraph entails a general ban on hidden functions.

We believe that the parameter-based control of functions in a cash register system where certain functions are disabled must be deemed equivalent to hidden functions. The disabling of functions which are in breach of Section 2-6 of the Cash Register System Regulation is therefore not permitted. This results in that it is not sufficient to install the software with country-specific settings, parameters, etc. which deactivates the forbidden functions. This applies even if there are measures taken to secure that the user is not able to activate the functions again. The installation package that is distributed to the customer shall not have any possibilities to install software or activating other modules in the software with forbidden functionality. During usage of the software there shall not be displayed any graphics or text that implies that such functionality has been present.

If there are functions in the software that does not violate the Cash Register System Act and Regulations, these can be hidden through deactivating, as long as the functions are described in the system documentation. This means that there can be functionality in the cash register system that provides hidden/deactivated functions for several countries as long as these functions do not violate Norwegian legislation. It is assumed that only Norwegian functionality is activated.

It is only the supplier who shall have access to activate/deactivate functions for other countries/markets. The system documentation shall include whether there are deactivated functions for other countries/markets or not, and a list of such functions.