Kan vi bruke parametersettinger for å slå av funksjoner i Norge for å unngå ulike installasjoner for ulike land/markeder?

In accordance with Section 2-6 of the Cash Register System Regulation, a cash register system cannot have certain functions. For example, the software in a cash register system must not have any functions other than those referred to in the system documentation.

The following is stated in the remarks concerning Section 2-6:

The provision lists certain functions that must not be present in a cash register system. The provision prohibits cash register systems that have these functions, with reference to the requirement for a cash register system to have a product declaration that guarantees the absence of these functions. The first paragraph entails a general ban on hidden functions.

We believe that the parameter-based control of functions in a cash register system where certain functions are disabled must be deemed equivalent to hidden functions. The disabling of functions which are in breach of Section 2-6 of the Cash Register System Regulation is therefore not permitted.