What is meant by a ‘price check’ which must be included in X and Z reports?

‘Price check’ means the scanning of a product or keying in of a product code in order to check the price, without the product being registered as a product line on a sales receipt.

X and Z reports must state the number of price checks broken down per product group and amount; see Section 2-8-2(t) of the Cash Register System Regulation; see Section 2-8.3.

The purpose of logging price checks is to prevent price checks from being used as a tool instead of registering a sale. On most systems, the scanning of a barcode will be acknowledged with a sound, and/or the amount will appear on the customer's display, with the result that the customer could perceive this to be a product that has been keyed in. Price checks through keying in of the relevant product code could be perceived in the same way. Logging is therefore a requirement when such direct price checks are performed, even though a product line or increase on an existing product line is not generated.