What is meant by the ID number of the cash register system?

In Section 2 of the Cash Register System Act, the ID number is defined as follows:

“a unique identifier for the cash register system”.

It is the supplier that must ensure that the cash register system has an ID number. This number must be stated in X and Z reports; see Section 2-8-2(d) of the Cash Register System Regulation; see Section 2-8-3. The remarks concerning Section 2-8-2 are worded as follows:

“A cash register system's ID number will vary according to the type of cash register system, depending on whether it is a PC-based cash register system or a ROM-based cash register system. The most important function of the ID number is to provide a unique identifier for a cash register system, in the way that a serial number does for other electronic devices.”

For a PC-based cash register system, the licence number and serial number of the software will normally be sufficient, and there is no requirement to register hardware serial numbers in the cash register system, for example. For ROM-based cash register systems, the ID number could, for example, be a combination of the serial number of the device and the software version number.