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SAF-T Standard format accounts (SAF-T Financial) primarily contain account specifications (general ledger) and supplier and customer specifications (subsidiary ledger).

As system suppliers, you must adapt the accounting systems so that the systems support the new standard.

The Ministry of Finance is considering a proposal that the requirement of providing accounting data in this format should apply to those who are obliged to keep accounts as of 1 January 2017.

However, we expect that this will be a voluntary arrangement up until 1 January 2018.

Test submission via Altinn

The Norwegian Tax Administration recommends that all system suppliers for SAF-T Financial take part in testing. By taking part, you will have the opportunity to test the entire value chain, both validation of the file format and the submission process itself, and the check the acknowledgement of submitted data.

Test submission started in September 2016.


General and technical documents

XML Form and standard codelists are available on GitHub. Please note that General Ledger Standard Accounts for use in SAF-T was updated December 16th 2016.

Questions about the format

Check the Q&A list or send any specific questions to us at: A discussion forum has also been set up on GitHub where system suppliers can share their experiences.

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