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Test submitting SAF-T Financial

The Norwegian Tax Administration recommends that all system suppliers who are developing a solution to support SAF-T Financial take part in testing via Altinn.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to test the entire value chain.

Experience shows that those who take part in testing are more likely to succeed with submission later on.

To participate in testing and to be allocated a test user you send an e-mail to: Skatt.Altinnlokalforvaltning@skatteetaten.no.

We will be available to provide help and support throughout the process via e-mail at: saf-t@skatteetaten.no

Processing test files already sent in is stopped

A presumption for submitting test files is that the data in the file is depersonalized. For a period of time the system suppliers who are working with the SAF-T format could test with depersonalized data via Altinn. The Norwegian Tax Administration experienced that the data sent in was to a small extent depersonalized.

Processing received test data is therefore stopped. There will be established new routines which will ensure that the already received test data are depersonalized in a way that still ensures confidentiality, at the same time as The Norwegian Tax Administration will be able to provide a sensible response on the submitted test data.

The files that already are sent in will be depersonalized by The Norwegian Tax Administration, and a response on these will be given.

Requirements for new test submitting

Activity 1 -Testing the file format itself

Before submitting a file attachment in SAF-T format, we would like you to test the file format yourself.

As a public agency, the Norwegian Tax Administration cannot recommend any one validation tool in preference to any other. There are a large number of free validation tools available on the Internet that can be used for this. An XSD validator has also been implemented in Altinn’s test environment, so it is not possible to submit file attachments with format errors. Once the test files have been validated against the Norwegian Tax Administration's specified XSD, you will have made considerable progress towards problem-free submission.

Activity 2 -Submitting test data

When you have an SAF-T XML-file ready, you can submit test data to the Norwegian Tax Administration via Altinn.

Submitted test data may be used for test purposes by the Norwegian Tax Administration and system suppliers to the Norwegian Tax Administration. The test submissions should therefore not contain any sensitive data about the submitter or any third parties. This implies that the elements of information following must be anonymized:

Information that must be anonymized      XML items for instance

Company name and info regarding the company  

<n1:Name> and <n1:TaxRegistration>


<n1:StreetName> and <n1:PostalCode>

Name of private individuals

<n1:FirstName>, <n1:LastName> and <n1:AdditionalAddressDetail>

Contact information (e-mail, telephone number, fax, etc.) 

<n1:Email>, <n1:Telephone> and <n1:Fax>

Bank account numbers, IBAN-numbers etc.

<n1:IBANNumber> and <n1:BIC>

This is not a complete list, all data and information which can be allocated to a private person must be depersonalized. The list above states examples of such data and field codes which must be anonymized.

When data masking or data obfuscation is executed, hiding original data with random characters or data, it is important that the depersonalizing/anonymizing is executed in such a manner that data types are preserved, to avoid validation errors.

Test users

You will be allocated a fictive test user, which is used to log in to Altinn’s test environment. The test user will have unique PIN codes so that only you will have access to the allocated test user. When test data is submitted, you will also be sent an acknowledgement in the test user’s "My messages box".

To participate in the test, send an e-mail to: Skatt.Altinnlokalforvaltning@skatteetaten.no.

State your organization number, the name of a contact person, as well as an e-mail address and a telephone number.

You will then be issued with a test pack containing:

  • An Altinn test user
  • A fictive organization number and PIN codes for logging in to Altinn’s test environment
  • A set of fictive organization numbers for you to use in your test submissions
  • Reference number to be used (2017/1946034)
  • Timetable for test submission

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