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Registered enterprises which pay excise duty can report their excise duties electronically.

Reporting and registration

Registered excise duty businesses can report excises duties electronically.

The enterprise must be registered as liable for excise duty before you can start using electronic reporting of excise duties. Register your enterprise as liable for excise duty.


When you have submitted a duty statement, you will receive an acknowledgement with a KID number for use when paying.


If you intend to destroy goods, you must notify the Norwegian Tax Administration. The notification must include a complete list of the goods that are to be destroyed and when and where the destruction will take place. The notification must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the destruction is scheduled to take place. Enterprises must be registered as liable for excise duty in order to be entitled to a refund for the duty upon destruction.


There are many exemption arrangements for excise duties. Some of these exemptions are triggered when you pay the duty first and then request a refund afterwards.
Apply for duty refund

In some cases, you must attach the form for excise duties or a personal declaration of a duty-free purchase. There are various practices for the different excise duties. See the circulars for further information.

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