Register as liable for excise duty

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To register as liable for excise duty, you must submit your application no later than one month before the production or import commences.

How to apply

You must submit your application to register as taxable no later than one month before the production or import starts.

You should also use the same form if you wish to make any changes or de-register as a declarant or liable to excise duty.

Your application must contain the following information:

  • production and warehousing premises (drawings) and the location of the premises
  • the type of goods to be produced or warehoused
  • date on which production or warehousing is to commence
  • stock
  • budgeted and current turnover
  • volume of imports and receipt of taxable goods
  • accounting routines and stock-keeping
  • who will be responsible for ongoing payment of the duty
  • any customs credit number
  • organisation number
  • street and postal addresses
  • any licence, concession or statements concerning conduct.

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