How do I correct errors in a VAT report?

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To correct a tax return for VAT (turnover report) which has been submitted, you must use a correction. If you register directly in Altinn, you must select the submission type “additional VAT report” or “correction” in the “Message information” field.

The deadline for making corrections is as follows: Within three years after the original submission deadline for the tax return for VAT you wish to change.

  • If you discover inaccurate information in a tax return for VAT, you must submit a correction to the Norwegian Tax Administration.
  • If you discover inaccurate information in a customs declaration, you must submit an application for recalculation to Norwegian Customs. Changes to a customs declaration can often result in changes to VAT. If this is the case, you must also submit a VAT correction for the period concerned.

Should I claim a refund for VAT?

No, in the case of VAT-registered enterprises, the VAT will be refunded when a correction is submitted for the period which was incorrect. This applies from 1 January 2017 inclusive.

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