How to deduct the right tax - step by step

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Tax deduction by table or percentage?

You are responsible for deducting tax in accordance with the most recent tax deduction card applicable to the employee.

The main employer must use the deduction table to calculate the tax deduction. In the case of secondary employers and benefits that apply to a period other than the salary payment period, the percentage deduction stated on the tax deduction card must be used.

Note! If you are unsure whether you are a main or secondary employer, you must clarify this with the employee.

If you have not been told if you are the main or secondary employer, you must deduct in accordance with a percentage rate. See Section 5-1-4 (3) of the Tax Payment Regulation.

Tax deduction of old-age pensions

For the disbursement of old-age pensions or other benefits with low National Insurance contributions, the monthly tables for pensions must be used. For deduction periods other than monthly, the table is used pro rata.

Table-based deductions

The rules for calculating table-based deductions for different periods are set out in Section 5-10-2 of the Tax Payment Regulations.(in Norwegian)

If you take on a new employee during the year, it should be part of your appointment routine to clarify whether you are the main or secondary employer.

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