How to deduct the right tax - step by step

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What if an employee changes their tax deduction card?

If your employee changes their tax deduction card during the income year, you will receive a notification from the Tax Administration.

You must then obtain the new tax deduction card before the next payroll run. You obtain the new tax deduction card using the same service as you used to order the tax deduction cards:

You must provide a mobile phone number and/or e-mail address when ordering a tax deduction card. You will then be notified by SMS and/or e-mail when one of your employees amends their tax deduction card. You must obtain amended tax deduction cards before your next payroll run.

If you obtain tax deduction cards from a payroll system, it is possible to turn off the notification function. Your payroll system supplier can advise you about that.

Your employees can also ask you to deduct more tax than the tax card indicates.

You should enter this as a supplementary deduction and not correct the percentage/table.

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