Youth businesses

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As a partner in a pupil business, youth business or student business organised by Ungt Entreprenørskap (the young entrepreneurs’ association), pupils and students gain an insight into the importance of value creation. They also learn about working life and what it is like to work in industry.

Pupil business - for children at secondary school

Pupil business is a basic introduction into what is needed to start up, run and wind up your own business. The introduction is divided into five phases. There is no obligation to register if you follow Ungt Entreprenørskap.

Youth business - for children at upper secondary school

Pupils at upper secondary school can start a youth business. Pupils will establish, run and wind up the business during the year. Youth businesses are registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre via Ungt Entreprenørskap as a separate legal entity.

Student business – for students at university college/university

Student businesses teach students how to set up a business during a year as they start up, run and wind up a business over the course of a year. Student businesses must be registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre as a separate legal entity, and must be wound up during the year. An annual report must also be sent to Ungt Entreprenørskap.

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