Notification to the Register of Legal Entities and the Aa register

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When you take on new employees within your business, you became an employer. As an employer, you must submit information to the employer and employee register, often abbreviated to the Aa register.

Employers report to the register via the a-ordning scheme.


If you are an employer, you must register in the Register of Legal Entities. You can register either through Altinn or using a paper form (Coordinated register notification, BR-1010), which must be sent to the Register of Legal Enterprises. More information can be obtained from the Brønnøysund Register Centre

Employers are also obliged to notify the Register of Legal Entities of any changes concerning the enterprise. Examples of such changes include enterprise name, addresses, signatories or board members. 

The a-ordning scheme is a digital system for the coordinated reporting of income, employment and tax deduction details by those subject to a reporting obligation (primarily employers) to NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Tax Administration.. Employers are obliged to submit information concerning their employees to the Aa register. All information submitted to the Aa register is reported via the a-ordning scheme. There are no other methods for reporting information to the Aa register. NAV is responsible for administering the Aa register.

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