1) Establishment of company

Factual information: A is the sole shareholder in company X. The company has one share class, ordinary shares.

Information from the previous year: No information

Information for the year:

Total share capital in the company: NOK 100,000

Number of shares: 1,000

Nominal value per share: NOK 100

Paid-up share capital: NOK 100,000

Premium: NOK 10,000


Enter the figures above as shown in the attachment below.

Establishment must be entered under item 9 for the company and under item 23 at shareholder level. The premium is entered under item 9 at company level and added to the acquisition cost under item 23 at shareholder level.

Specific remarks:

It is important to note here that the establishment must be declared at both company and shareholder level. If the company only has one share class, this must be registered as ordinary shares. The premium must be registered per share under item 9.

For correct completion, see the correctly completed shareholder register statement. 

 Establishment - main form and sub-form