20) Repayment of shareholder loan

The shareholder borrowed NOK 200,000 in a previous year.

In 2016, he will repay his entire balance.

  • Item 8 Dividend NOK 100,000 per share 50. date 1 February 2016 (in this case, the shareholder has 2,000 shares)
  • Item 21 Dividend NOK 100,000 per share 50 date 1 February 2016

(in this situation, the loan balance is reduced by NOK 100,000 and the balance is NOK 100,000 on the loan balance)

He then uses the dividend to repay the outstanding loan balance. (no account is taken of the tax on the dividend here for the sake of simplicity)

  • Item 22 Repayment of shareholder loan NOK 100,000 date 01.03.2016
  • Item 5 Paid-up Share capital balance carried forward must be adjusted upwards by NOK 100,000.

For correct completion, see the examples of correctly completed shareholder register statements:

 Repayment of shareholder loan