Rental value of surrendered property

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Gross rental value of surrendered property.

Rental values are adjusted in line with the consumer price index. For 2017, the following standard values have been stipulated:

Living space

Rental value

over 100m²

NOK 29,200

60 – 100m²

NOK 21,900

under 60m²

NOK 14,600

Living space is the area in the property which is furnished for residential purposes. This includes closets, hallways, porches, etc., and furnished rooms and lofts (e.g. laundry rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.). Only space with a ceiling height of at least 1.90m should be included. It does not matter whether only part of the property is actually used.

If there is no bathroom/shower room or WC, the value should be reduced by 25%. The same reduction applies if the distance to the administrative centre of the municipality exceeds 15km. If both conditions are met, the total reduction is 40%.

If a right of occupancy agreement has been established and the new owner and former owner live together, the property will be considered to be “surrendered property”, and the rental value will be taxable for the previous owner. The rental value must be calculated according to the standard values, but reduced by 40%. The new owner is granted a deduction for 60% of the costs attributable to the property.

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